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This week’s co-hosts are all four members of the band Parmalee: Matt, Scott, Josh, and Barry. 


Parmalee Co-Hosts 6/11

Top 5: Take My Name

This week’s co-hosts are all four members of the band Parmalee: Matt, Scott, Josh, and Barry.  They guys tell Lon they’ve been back on the road all year: “They’re wild, it’s like they’ve been caged up. They wanted to be back out just as bad as we did. We’re all on the same team, because we weren’t able to do stuff.  Now the gates are open, and everybody has that one thing in common.”

Because of “Take My Name,” the guys have been in high demand for weddings and engagements.  They told Lon, “We’ve told people to DM us if we’re in your town, and we’ll crash your wedding.  We crashed a wedding here in Nashville.  We jumped up on stage, and once they figured out who we were, it all came together.  Almost every night we do an engagement on stage. That’s been really cool.”

The guys recall they played a show in North Carolina many years ago with Luke Combs and Kane Brown: “Kane opened for us, and he told us that was his first arena show.  See what happens to you when you open for Parmalee?”

Matt told Lon that when he’s not on the road, he’s usually fishing with Jake Owen: “He has a really cool property out by us, and we were there since it was nothing, but he put a nice pond and stocked some fish in it. So I always call him up, because I want to fish.  It’s a big pond, or maybe a small lake. But it’s nice, and we have a good time.  He has a little creek out there too.”

They’re playing a lot of festivals this summer, and they’re all traveling on one bus.  They say it can be 10-12 people on the same bus.  So Lon asked about the bus habits: “Matt & Scott are always cleaning something.  Barry is usually in the back lounge working on music..” Scott: “I’m the first one up in the morning, so I make the coffee.” Matt: “It depends on the night before.  I make sure I get my 8 hours of sleep.  So wherever the timeline ends up, that’s when I get up.”

Parmalee also has great stories this week about Walker Hayes, Jake Owen, Dierks Bentley, Jelly Roll, and Dustin Lynch

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