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Co-hosting for the second week is Luke Combs. 


Luke Combs Returns 5/14

CMA’s Entertainer of the Year

Co-hosting for the second week is Luke Combs.  He begins his 2022 stadium tour next week in Denver.  He tells Lon he had to be talked into it: “I’m lucky to have an awesome team.  I’m always the guy who says we’re not ready for this yet.  I tend to be more of a realist.  But sometimes my thinking is a bit off.  I thought there’s no way we can fill a stadium, and sure as heck we did!”

Lon asked if there’s a moment when he realizes he’s the one paying for all the trucks & tour buses: “It’s definitely not cheap.  It’s not like you get to play for free.  Every person working in the stadium is getting paid via myself.  You feel less bad about asking someone for a water.  ‘Hey man, would you get me a water?’ They’re like ‘Sure, you’re paying for it!'”

So the tour begins next week, and Luke’s baby is due in June.  Will they take the baby on the road? “I think you need at least a year before the road thing. We don’t even take our dog on the road because we feel it affects his quality of life. We want to be sure we have this parenting thing down before we take it on the road.  I don’t want Nicole to feel trapped on the bus with the baby.  We’re going to give it some time.”

Luke is the 2021 CMA Entertainer of the Year. Lon asked him what was going through his mind as they were about to announce the winner? “To be honest with you, very candidly, what I’m thinking in the moment is I’m 0 for 3. Everything I’ve lost to Chris Stapleton.  Here it comes again.  Momentum is like the wind.  You can’t stop it. That’s what it felt like sitting there.  It’s like hey, it’s his night.  So when they called out my name, it was like ‘What?’ I was blown away.  It didn’t feel like it was going to happen.  But it did!”

As Luke’s current song says, he would STILL be doin’ this if he wasn’t doin’ this. He explains it this way: “I knew I wanted to be on stage, but what were the odds, Lon?  If we were to go back in time to 2014, and someone walked me into a record label and said, ‘This is the guy.’  You’d go, ‘This is the guy?  This is the next Entertainer of the Year?’  It was a different time.  I always wanted to be on stage, but what are the odds?  I’d have a better chance of hitting the lottery.  I didn’t want to ask for too much.”

Luke also has great stories this week about Lainey Wilson, Eric Church, Jordan Davis, Keith Urban, and Carley Pearce.

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