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This week’s co-host is Dierks Bentley, who is in the Top 5 with “Beers On Me.”


Dierks Bentley Co-Hosts 4/9

Top 5: Beers On Me

This week’s co-host is Dierks Bentley, who is in the Top 5 with “Beers On Me.”  He’s also about to begin the “Beers On Me 2022 Tour.”  Plus he’s returned to Nashville full time after spending the pandemic in Colorado.  He explains how the transition has affected his work and family.

For example, Dierks said, “I think there are a lot of people re-examining what they want their life to be like.  I didn’t want to come back from Colorado, but I’ve found a way to balance my schedule, touring in the summer.  My son Knox is doing, hockey soccer, lacrosse and boxing right now. That’s just one kid, I have two more.  There’s a lot of stuff to do at this stage in my life.”

Sometimes that stuff involves playing golf with other country stars.  Last year, Dierks played golf with Luke Bryan, Eric Church, and Peyton Manning.  Dierks wanted to play a prank on Peyton: “My dad loved golf, and he had this green jacket.  Then I realized it was like the members’ green jacket.  So I figured I’d play a prank on Peyton.  I told him I was going to wear it to dinner in the clubhouse.  He was sweating bullets.”

When we came to Ernest’s song in the Top 30, Dierks said he’d seen Ernest recently: “I was driving in Nashville, and there was this truck set up selling flowers.  Then as I got closer to the truck, I saw this guy standing there with a bunch of flowers.  So I pull up, and it’s Ernest, holding a dozen roses! So I rolled down my window and shouted, ‘Dude, we get it, the song is called Flower Shops.  You don’t have to stand there with a bunch of roses!”

Dierks toured last summer with Parker McCollum & Riley Green.  “I got Parker & Riley to do the trashcan full of ice thing with me.  He hung in there pretty good.  Riley’s lips were turning blue.  Parker wasn’t moving.  They made it through about 8 minutes.  I was impressed.”

Dierks also has great stories this week about Thomas Rhett, Hardy, Jon Pardi, Cole Swindell, and Miranda Lambert.

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