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This week’s co-host is Russell Dickerson, who has a Top 10 with Home Sweet.


Russell Dickerson Co-Hosts 3/12

Top 10: Home Sweet

This week’s co-host is Russell Dickerson, who has a Top 10 with Home Sweet. He also looks ahead to joining Tim McGraw on tour this summer. Plus, we get the latest on Russell’s 18 month old son Remington.

Russell said he wrote “Home Sweet” with Lady A’s Charles Kelley a couple years ago: “We were in Jones Beach NY the day we wrote it, and we knew it was special.  Then when they joined me in the studio, hearing Hillary sing that third verse, it just hits different from a female perspective.  I’m just so proud of this song.”

Russell will join Tim McGraw on the road this summer: “He called me on the phone, and the first question he asked was ‘Do you want to go on tour,’ which obviously was a yes, and his second thing was ‘You better be working out with us every day,’ and so I’m preppin’ right now to get my butt kicked.”

Lon asked if they talked about 1883: “We got to talk a little bit about 1883, and how Faith just absolutely crushed it.  It was cool hearing how he was totally engulfed in that role.  He said it took him two weeks to get his hands clean after shooting.”

Russell’s son Remington is now 18 months, so where is he in terms of walking and talking? “He’s mobile and verbal. He’s running around and saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada,’ so it’s all good.”

So does Russell think he & his wife will have more children?: “I know that we’re definitely supposed to have more kids, and raise up some good human beings in this world to go out and help change it.”

Russell also has great stories this week about Thomas Rhett, Jason Aldean, Carly Pearce, Kane Brown, and Florida Georgia Line.

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