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Kane Brown Co-Hosts 2/19

Top 5: One Mississippi

This week’s co-host is Kane Brown.  He & his wife Katelyn are now the parents of a 2 month old baby girl named Kodi Jane. “She’s so sweet, just an easy baby, just eating and sleeping, that’s about it.”

They kept the baby a secret until she was born.  Lon asked Kane why: “When I first asked Kate to marry me, my fans saw the ring on my finger, and so my fans announced it before we were able to announce it. Same with the birth of Kingsley.  So we wanted to be able to announce this one without somebody else spoiling it. So we just kept it a secret the whole time.”

They had the baby shower at Jason Aldean’s house: “This is the second baby shower they threw for us, which is more than enough, they didn’t have to do the first one. It was so beautiful, my wife loved it, she had a great time.  It happened in October, and we all had to hold the pictures to keep it a secret.”

Lon then asked Kane how he kept it a secret: “It was very tough.  Once she got 4 months pregnant, she started to show.  We had to really watch what we posted on the internet. So we just stayed off social media.  We posted the birth the day after she was born, which was New Years.”

Kane said one of the regular guests at his house is Jon Pardi: “He’s my neighbor, so he’s always coming over, his wife Summer is friends with my wife, and they’ll come over, get in the pool or the hot tub, we’ll drink a few and hang out. He’s such a cool guy.”

We know Kane is a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan.  So did he go to the National Championship? Yeah I was at the game.  I never thought I was so popular. When I was leaving, everybody knew who I was. They were all Georgia fans.  Even the security people wanted to take pictures with me.  They told me Luke Bryan was also at the game, but I missed him.”

Kane also has great stories this week about Luke Combs, Jordan Davis, Walker Hayes, Chris Young, and Luke Bryan.

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