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This week’s co-host is Jon Pardi.

Jon Pardi Co-Hosts 1/8

This week’s co-host is Jon Pardi, who told Lon that he took some time off during the holidays: “We took some time off and wanted to stay home.  The whole month of December, we were home.  We had Christmas at the house.  It was nice.”

Jon was on the road a lot last year, and got to play his current hit “Tequila Little Time” every night.  He described the crowd’s reaction: “Right when they hear the horns, it’s immediate.  It stands alone on the radio, and it’s like that at concerts.  It’s just like it kicks it into high gear.  It’s fun because everybody starts singing it.  It’s really fun.”

Jon has become a frequent guest at the home of Jason Aldean: “Every time we go to Jason’s house, we have a great time.  It really happened over the pandemic.  We were used to running into each other on the road, and that wasn’t happening. So me & Kane would go out there.  We all coped and dealt with being off the road together.”

Earlier this year, Jon attended the grand opening of Miranda Lambert’s Nashville bar Casa Rosa. “She had a DJ in the booth, and he started playing some good two-stepping country songs, so I grabbed Miranda and did some two-stepping.  Then I showed her husband how to two-step.”  So who’s the better two-stepper? “Miranda’s good.  I’m not the best.  I just get the job done.”

Jon is friends with Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd.  He recently went hunting with Ryan: “We went hunting in Louisiana, and Ryan caught a deer, and he had the head mounted.  I had my bus, and he asked me to bring the deer back so it wouldn’t get damaged.  So I put it in a bunk.  But I forgot to tell my wife.  She went to slide back the curtain to put something in there, and I heard a big scream. She goes, ‘You didn’t tell me there’s a deer in here!'”

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