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Lon’s co-host this week is Walker Hayes who’s a busy guy with his 6 kids!


Walker Hayes Co-Hosts 6/18

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This week, Lon’s co-host is Walker Hayes, who says he’s busy with his 6 kids: “You asked me what famous people I know, and I don’t have time to meet them because I’m busy chasing my kids.  It’s awesome, but it’s hectic and exhausting.”

Thanks to “Fancy Like,” Walker now has a very unique honor: “I was awarded an Applebees Gold Card. From now on, for the rest of my life, I can eat free at any Applebees, and at any time.  They’ve been so grateful for what this song has done for them.  I never used to care if I lost my wallet.  But now I worry because the Gold Card is in it.”

Walker also went to his first Grammy Awards: “I’m going to be honest. We were so jacked being nominated. It was so cool.  But when Chris Stapleton beat us, I was so mad.  How could he beat my song?  Then I realized how selfish I was.  But it reminded me that I’m beyond fortunate.”

This summer, Walker will be taking his wife & kids to his shows at fairs & festivals.  “The hardest thing about that is staying ahead of our kids’ diets. We’ll go five days, and I ask my son if he’s eaten anything other than cotton candy, and he says no.  That’s my fault.  The fairs are so generous, the kids can ride any ride, and play every game.  But my kids loves the outdoor fairs & festivals.  It’s all kinds of fun.”

Walker namechecks Nick Saban in A A.  So just a few weeks ago, he & his family got to meet Nick at the University of Alabama: “He’s a hero of mine.  His daughter was a fan of the song, so she made it happen.  He was so kind.  He heard the song.  I told him if it goes #1, I’ll send you a plaque, and you can put it next to the championship trophy.”

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