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This week’s co-host is Jason Aldean, who co-hosts while on vacation in Florida.


Jason Aldean Co-Hosts 6/4

Top 5: Trouble With A Heartbreak

This week’s co-host is Jason Aldean, who co-hosts while on vacation in Florida. He updates on the status of his son, Memphis, who made his first trip to the emergency room. “He was playing in the pool, hit his chin on the side of the pool. It wasn’t too crazy, but it needed a couple of stiches.  The worst part was he couldn’t go in the pool for a couple of days. He was ticked off about that.  He’s good now.”

What’s a typical day for you on vacation? “For them, they love the pool. Memphis is big into finding pirate treasure.  So we got him a metal detector, and we’ll go down to the beach to find some pirate treasure.  Sometimes it’s me throwing a few quarters so he finds something.”

Has Memphis found any treasure yet?  No, and actually he hasn’t found all the quarters I leave, so I’m actually down some money!”

You just moved into a new house down there, right? “Yeah we bought it in February, and this is the first chance we’ve had to come down here and stay.  We’re still getting the house ready, and learning the area, but we love it down here.”

Jason said he attended Miranda Lambert’s birthday party, which was held at her Nashville bar Casa Rosa. “Yeah, we ended up going to Miranda’s bar, and actually we ended up having so much fun, we had my birthday party at her place as well.  And my bar is just across the street.  I had to change it up that night.”

So as it turns out, Jason has this week’s #1: “I love it. Sometimes the songs go in organically. When it happens, it’s a good feeling. For it to go in early, it’s a thrill for me.”

Not only that, but it’s Jason’s 27th #1: “I’m so thankful for the career I’ve had. You get a couple #1s, and then there’s ten, and twenty, it’s so beyond what I imagined when I started this.  I hope I’ve got a few more in me, but 27, I’m extremely proud of that for sure.”

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