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This week Lon’s co-host is Thomas Rhett. 

Thomas Rhett Co-Hosts 5/21

Top 5: Slow Down Summer

This week Lon’s co-host is Thomas Rhett.  It’s the first time Thomas has co-hosted from our studio in two years!  Prior to that, he co-hosted from his home studio.  As you can see, the weather has been great in Nashville, and Thomas just took delivery on a vintage Ford Bronco.  He told Lon, “I’ve wanted an old Bronco since I was 15 years old.  It’s worth it to watch my kids have a blast in the back seat. That’s the car we use to take them to school.”

Thomas namechecked Eric Church in his hit “Country Again.”  Thomas told Lon, “This is the closest me & Eric have ever been. We’ve been sending songs back & forth.  Eric will send me something unfinished at 2:00 in the morning.  To be one of those people that he shares music with is unbelievable. It’s been a neat friendship, and pinch me moment.”

Thomas & Lauren’s youngest daughter Lillian just turned 6 months old.  “We have four under 6 years old.  The most challenging part about right now is they’re all in different phases of life.  One is taking a bottle. One is talking but in diapers, one who’s talking and is real sassy, and then Willa Gray who’s the golden child.  It’s just managing the different facets.”

Thomas just performed at the annual Stagecoach festival in California, where he ran into Jon Pardi: “He came out and sang with me.  We did Beer Can’t Fix together.  He sprinted out on my stage with a bottle of tequila.  He started to ride my mic stand like a horse.  It took us two minutes to get to the next song because I was laughing so hard.”

Thomas had two other special guests during his show at Stagecoach: “Hardy was also at Stagecoach, and I invited him to sing with me.  He was in the pit with the crowd during my show in a big floppy hat & sunglasses.  At this point, Ashton Kutcher is on stage with me singing Friends In Low Places, and so I called out to him, and invited him to sing with Ashton & me.  I could tell that the crowd didn’t recognize him.  They had no idea who he was.  In fact after he was done, he went back into the crowd and no one asked him if he was Hardy.”

Thomas also has great stories this week about Dierks Bentley, Cole Swindell, Dustin Lynch, Parker McCollum, and Katy Perry.

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