This week, Thomas Rhett returns for a second week as Lon’s co-host.

Thomas Rhett Returns 9/11

This week, Thomas Rhett returns for a second week as Lon’s co-host.  He shares the latest on his three girls.  Plus he remembers where he was 20 years ago on September 11th.

Thomas told Lon he owes a text to Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay: “This is mainly a public apology to Shay for being such a bad friend.  If you look at my phone, you’ll see 9 texts from Shay asking me to play golf and no responses from me.  When we do get to hang, it’s like no time has passed since out last hang.  I love those guys.”

Thomas has been on the road with Cole Swindell, and Lon asked if they’re doing anything on stage together: “Yes, he joins me for ‘Beer Can’t Fix.’  But few weeks ago in Hartford, I asked him to stay on stage.  I said, ‘Let’s write a song for the folks in Hartford.’ So I started a line, ‘She broke my heart in Hartford,’ and Cole goes, ‘So I took my heart back to Tennessee.’  And the crowd went ballistic. So we’re gonna try that in every town.”

Lon asked for the latest on his three girls: “We just dropped off Willa Gray at kindergarten, so my oldest just started school.  Ada James just turned 4, and she’s such a daddy’s girl.  Lennon is 17 months, and she’s forming sentences, she can tell you what she needs, and she’s a no drama child.  Just to watch them at the ages they’re at now reminds me how fast time is going by.  It makes me emotional talking about it.”

A few weeks ago, Thomas & his family went fishing in Florida with Luke Bryan. “I noticed this boat sitting close to the shore. When I got to my phone, I saw Luke was calling me.  So I answered, and he goes, ‘Get on the boat.’  So I brought my kids with me, he helped Willa Gray catch her first fish, same with Ada James, and his boys were there, so they got to hang out with them. That was hilarious that he just pulled up and said, ‘Get on the boat.'”

Thomas was 11 years old on 9-11-01.  “I can’t remember many events in my life when I can visualize where I was.  I was in Miss Saunders class in 4th grade. We watched it all on television. I remember that whole week in school it just was dark.  I never felt the news so hard in my heart.  I remember it like it was clear as day.”

Thomas also has great stories this week about Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd, Dierks Bentley, Walker Hayes, and Florida Georgia Line.