Whats for Pre-Christmas Dinner


National Roast Suckling Pig Day is observed annually on December 18th.

Suckling pig is a young pig, between the ages of two to six weeks, which is still fed by its mother’s milk.

The pig is roasted whole until the skin is crisp. The meat is tender and succulent.

Suckling pig can range between 8-30 pounds and expect between $12-$20 a pound depending on the market. These factors coupled with the daunting task of roasting a whole granted small, pig makes the finished product a delicacy most anywhere in the world.

With the right tools and ingredients, the roasting process is not that complicated. If you’ve roasted a whole turkey, you can cook a suckling pig. Only the smallest piglets will fit into most standard home ovens. Those at the lower weight range will provide about 20 adult servings.

I don’t think I could do it. Let me know if you can!